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Funny Stuff

If you have ever built a play set or a trampoline in someone’s backyard in the Fall, you will definitely get this joke! This is a very clever industry cartoon! Anyone who has ever installed a backyard play set in the Fall knows exactly what this cartoon is referencing.   No explanation necessary!

A Humorous Look At What We Do

When people ask me what I do for a living, the answer isn’t comprehended easily. For example, when someone is asked what they do for a living, most people might say: policeman, lawyer, fireman, dental hygienist, shelf replenishment engineer, biochemist, bus driver, contractor, plumber, cryogenics analyst, congressman…you instantly know what they do. OK, well maybe […]

A Message From Chris Manack

A Message From Chris Manack….. It is my sincere hope that you have joined the United Assemblers Network with an open mind, and checked your pride and ego at the door, otherwise, you will not gain the network’s wealth of information to grow your business, and be more successful and profitable. Remember, “there is no […]

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