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The Gripper Crane

Quite simply, the Gripper Crane is the most efficient and effective piece of equipment for raising a heavy backboard into position, in order to bolt the backboard onto the arms of the goal. The crane also does not require any helpers and will allow the technician to erect a goal alone, which translates to more profit.

I install over 100 basketball goals a year by myself, averaging approximately $425 in net profit, per goal, by utilizing the Gripper Crane (One does not have to have the ability to split an atom to calculate the total profit). There is no other goal installation methodology or tool that is more efficient, less time consuming, and more profitable, period!

Here are some photos of a Gripper Crane being used to install a goal, as well as pictures demonstrating the compact construction and its portability


This is the Gripper Crane completed disassembled and ready for installation on a Werner ‘A’ Frame Ladder. This crane is incredibly portable and ready for use in a matter of minutes.


Once The Gripper Crane is fastened to the ladder, the entire structure is ready to be stood up and anchored down to your vehicle with a strap. Anchoring down the ladder will prevent the structure from tipping forward when the backboard is lifted with the wench at the top of the crane.


Note the positioning of the ladder in front of the goal.


The Gripper Crane takes its name from the giant ‘C’ clamp vice-grips that grip the backboard on both sides. Heavy duty nylon blocks are affixed to the vice-grip ends so as not to crack the backboard. Once the vice-grips are in place, The backboard can be easily cranked up into position to be bolted into place on the arms of the goal.


This is a good view of the crane having lifted the backboard into position. The backboard has been easily bolted down, eliminating the need for helpers.


The Gripper Crane becomes a great “third hand” when you’re trying to install the pesky rim by yourself. Again, no helper needed with the Gripper Crane.


Now that the rim is installed, all that’s left is to hang the net and affix the footage indicator.


And there you have it, the finished basketball goal, installed by yourself without any help. Best of all, the profit is all yours and you don’t have to share it with helpers.


If you are interested in purchasing a Gripper Crane, send your request to me by way of email, or you can use the request form in the contact section of this website. I will be happy to make arrangements for you to own a Gripper Crane so you can increase your profit structure. The investment in this incredible tool will be well worth it, and you will recoup your investment very quickly. 

Funny Stuff

If you have ever built a play set or a trampoline in someone’s backyard in the Fall, you will definitely get this joke!


This is a very clever industry cartoon! Anyone who has ever installed a backyard play set in the Fall knows exactly what this cartoon is referencing.



No explanation necessary!

A Humorous Look At What We Do

When people ask me what I do for a living, the answer isn’t comprehended easily. For example, when someone is asked what they do for a living, most people might say: policeman, lawyer, fireman, dental hygienist, shelf replenishment engineer, biochemist, bus driver, contractor, plumber, cryogenics analyst, congressman…you instantly know what they do. OK, well maybe that last profession (congressman) wasn’t a good example because no one knows what they do, but you get my drift here.

Recently, my daughter’s boyfriend asked her: “What does your father do for a living?” Her response: “He builds shit and gets stuff done!” Actually, despite being a very funny explanation, her response wasn’t far from the truth! I’m thinking of making that my tag line on my website, and also place it on magnetic signs on my car doors. Wouldn’t that be grand? On second thought, there are certain instances where people might not appreciate the humor of this sign, a church parking lot comes to mind.

At any rate, when asked what I do, I push my shoulders back, puff out my chest and proudly proclaim, “I’m an assembler!” The responses are almost all the same. With furrowed brows and looks of bewilderment, people will say things like: “Oh, you work in a factory?” No, that isn’t it. “So, you work on an assembly line attaching handles to car doors of a Ford Taurus?” No, that isn’t it either. All of a sudden, my daughter’s response might just be the ticket after all.

My profession requires clarification, and even after a brief but concise 30 second explanation, which usually lasts 3.5 hours, the people are bored and forgot what they asked. But seriously, I represent a relatively small core of technicians nationwide who assemble, install and repair things that come in a box, carton, or crate. These items many times require the end user (men) to demonstrate their manliness by convincing their spouses that they can build something without any help. More times than not, with the aid of beer consumption and pizza, the men are actually able to accomplish absolutely nothing….whereupon the women conduct a search for assembly and repair services on the Internet and find me!

I kid you not, countless women have said to me upon entering their house for the assembly or repair project: “Thank God you’re here! My husband is so inept he doesn’t know which end of a hammer to hold.” I can validate female commentary like this, because in many instances they don’t even have a hammer, so how would the men know which end to hold. If you have ever done any work within the confines of certain affluent neighborhoods, which shall remain nameless (New Albany, Ohio), you will understand what I am saying. In other words….No Tools + Inept Men (sometimes women) = Job Security For Me.

Back to the question of what I do for a living, I am a marriage counselor and therapist bringing harmony to each and every home by assembling and installing basketball goals (both in-ground and portable), fitness equipment, trampolines, backyard play sets, furniture, sheds, grills, bicycles, wall mount TV’s, heavy pictures, mirrors, and many more things that folks don’t want to put together, or even repair. So ladies, before you strike your husband with a ball-peen hammer, (if in fact you have one), for screwing up the assembly he said he could accomplish, give me a call. I will be happy to “build some shit for you and get things done!”


Author: Chris Manack, Owner and President of the UAN, and Owner/Operator of Precision Assembly & Repair Technologies.

A Message From Chris Manack

A Message From Chris Manack…..

It is my sincere hope that you have joined the United Assemblers Network with an open mind, and checked your pride and ego at the door, otherwise, you will not gain the network’s wealth of information to grow your business, and be more successful and profitable. Remember, “there is no shame in not having all the answers, the shame falls in not asking the questions to get the answers you are seeking.”

I have presented a great amount of information on this site that you will be able to utilize in your profession and businesses. There is so much to absorb and digest, and that is why I will be continuing to add and revise the content  here, so that you will have it as a reference guide for either constructing a new business from scratch, or remodeling your existing business with a whole new perspective and business model.

We can all learn from our mistakes and our own growth in business. To not change with the environment and business climate is to remain stagnant or worse yet, take a backward motion. Through the years, I have seen so many good technicians who were not good business people, that failed to move forward. They kept doing the same things, that is, making bad business decisions over and over again, expecting a different result that never materialized. Do not be one of these individuals!

This is why it is vitally important that you approach the information presented to you on this technician’s website, as well as the emails that I send you on a regular basis with an open mind and swallow your pride and ego. If you can do these things, this information will most certainly aid and assist you in realizing your dreams and ambitions, and one day, you will look back on this time in your personal business history and ask, “Why didn’t I do these things sooner?” It is never too late to learn and attempt new avenues for success.

There are certain aspects that you must understand if you want to get the most out of this network and what it has to offer. Please understand that there is a very real difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is a physical action where the ear receives the sound and the brain can acknowledge it. Listening is the ability to absorb the sound the ear receives and learn from the information that is received, and apply the new found knowledge in a positive manner. Know the difference and you will accomplish great things from having participated in the UAN.

Just as hearing and listening are so very different in nature, so is seeing and observing. Our eyes see things, which the brain can interpret, and take for granted. Observing is the ability to take what is seen, absorb the information received, make an assessment, and react accordingly in a way that has the most impact. Make the most of what you have observed. This is what the United Assemblers network is all about….camaraderie, teamwork, sharing of experiences, land earning from each other in order to see the differences you can make in your life, both personally and professionally.

If you can truly approach the concept presented here and within the network,learn its lessons, having mastered the ability to listen and observe, I can promise you that you will accomplish things in your markets that were heretofore unthinkable.

Why am I so sure you will succeed with the tools I have presented here? The answer is very simple, I am living proof that these systems work, and I have honed them to a fine art and science! Believe me, I learned many of the same techniques you are about to implement, from a great friend, business partner, mentor, and skilled technician by the name of Mike Mehrle, Founder of the United Assemblers Network. I would not be the professional technician today, and owner/operator of a successful and growing business had it not been for the fact that I listened to Mike and observed what he did….then took my skills to an even higher level, in concert with my business background of nearly 40 years. His tutelage was invaluable to me, and I am proud to now be the Owner and President of The Network he created, the UAN!

If you want to achieve great things in your business the way I have, don’t feel it is shameful to not have all the answers…..inquire of those who know more than you about certain skill sets, and learn from others. The sooner you can do these things in your business, and in life, the sooner you will enjoy success and prosperity. You will truly be an “independent contractor” and seriously be in control of your own destiny, and not having it be directed or controlled by someone else.

Now, go forth with this information you have taken away from the network and others, and make yourselves the successful business people I know you can be. Make your competition envious of you, and wonder how you are getting things done the way you are!

Best of luck in all you do…here’s to your success!

Chris Manack
UAN Owner & President

Precision Assembly & Repair Technologies

“The Savvy Tech”

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