logo-01Welcome to the United Assemblers Network (the UAN)!


Congratulations on making a commitment to your success. Assemblers, Installers and Repair Technicians are joining forces with the UAN and growing their businesses by gaining and sharing knowledge among like-minded professionals with the expectations of getting something back by becoming something more…We are a force that is bigger and better together!

The UAN is here to build relationships with anyone who wants to work with us, in our pursuit to professionalize and legitimize the ever growing Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) Industry, consisting of product assembly and installation, as well as product repair.

Manufacturers, online dealers, retailers, end-consumers and even some national assembly companies (NAC’s) understand the need and outstanding benefits of working with professionals through our network. The UAN is here to assist and enable you to build a career you can be proud of and feel secure in.

The United Assemblers Network (UAN) is here to do just that…Network with others and create a unique network in and of itself!

The definition of a network is; the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions; specifically: The cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. In the pursuit of excellence within our industry, we pledge to continually improve our processes and provide an environment that aspiring technicians and industry professionals can demonstrate participation, in while developing motivated people through our emphasis on education, communication, empowerment teamwork, and recognition.

If you’re serious about success, then you’ll realize it’s not so much asking, “What can this network do for me?” as it is, “What can I do for the network?” By understanding this concept, you will recognize what YOU do as an avid professional to help the network grow into an industry leader, will come back to you ten fold! Seize the opportunity today and learn what it means to be a Top Tech in this ever growing industry!

The network is here to help you build a business…Not do it for you! Simply put, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”

By taking advantage of the tools & resources the UAN has to offer, you’ll encompass what is needed to build a great service business in the RTA Industry that can be virtually recession proof if you’re a self-starter and a highly motivated individual. You can take complete control of your own destiny where the revenue potential is unlimited. To accomplish great things with your business, you must be willing to learn, listen and grow from what you can acquire within your network! If you’re an experienced industry professional, become a mentor, get involved and let’s make a difference together.

Watch our video below for an in depth introduction to the UAN by its founder, Mike Mehrle. To learn more, you can navigate this website by using the tabs above, and the links in the right sidebar.

Current commentary from the founder.

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