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The UAN’s Certified Technicians install, assemble and repair a variety of indoor and outdoor equipment. If you are a new technician to this industry and would like to learn how to build the various items displayed below, descriptive resources and narratives are available to help you. If you would like any of this information, feel free to send me an email or call me. You can also use the request form located in the contact section of this website.



Gorilla Treasure Trove Play Set – Cambridge, Ohio



IKEA Furniture



Backyard Basketball Goal



Fit Trail Workout Equipment



Fitness Equipment



Geo-Dome Playground Equipment



Commercial grade play sets and playground equipment



Roof mount basketball goals



Classic and Antique Bicycle Restoration






Commercial grade swing sets



Unique modular wall organizers



Permanent metal picnic tables, grills, and trash receptacles at apartment complexes and city parks



Bodycraft 4 station gym



Indoor commercial grade basketball goals in high school gymnasiums



Servicing fitness equipment on a quarterly or annual basis in a commercial setting is a great way to develop “churn work.” On going maintenance agreements in local gyms, private clubs, hotels, and apartments are a just a few of the locations where you can boost your revenue streams. A Maintenance agreement template is yours for the asking.



You will undoubtedly find yourself installing equipment in unusual places. This is one of the more interesting locations where I have installed a basketball hoop….a backyard deck converted to a basketball court!



Once in a while, you may be required to install a goal in an existing concrete pad. It’s tough work cutting through the surface, but the end result is rewarding and impressive. I installed this goal in front of what appears to be a standard pole barn. Not so! Take a look at the next photo….



This barn built in 1890 in southwestern Ohio has been converted to a 3 story party facility for weddings, conventions and all type of gatherings. Like I said, your installation journeys will take you to some unusual places. Our industry does afford us the great opportunity to see rural America at its finest!



Sometimes our installation projects have some unforeseen circumstances that occur. It was 54 degrees when I started this job in mid April a few years ago, but soon the temperature dropped by 18 degrees and an unpredictable snow storm moved in covering my work area in 3 inches of snow in a matter of minutes.  Within 2 days the snow was gone and the temperature soared to 72 degrees. Spring in Ohio can be difficult.



If you have 75 to 80 holes to dig in one day, you can’t beat this piece of equipment to get the job done. Your local equipment rental companies have awesome equipment to make your jobs run more efficiently and effectively!


More photos and descriptions to come….

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