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Paperwork is one of the necessary evils of any business, regardless of the industry, however, paperwork does not have to be a source of aggravation. To assist both veteran and novice professionals in our industry, the UAN is offering template forms for your company (Forms and Templates are expressly for UAN Members only). These forms can be utilized to record every business transaction, enhance the relationships between you and your clients, as well as to serve as protection for your company in any given situation.

Here are some of the from template resources, that are available to you as a member of this network, including a standard work order and invoice, play set installation agreement, fitness equipment maintenance agreement, and a business plan. A brief explanation on each template is as follows:

1. Work Order/Quote/Invoice: This form can be used on the job site as need be to cover just about every service to be performed. It is vitally important that each client sign and date the form at the completion of the job acknowledging that they are satisfied with the work and that they accept the terms therein. In many instances, you may want to have them sign the order before any work commences, depending on the service to be performed.

2. Play Set Assembly Project Document: Because building a play set is more of a construction project and less of a standard assembly job, it’s vitally important that the contents of this document are fully understood by both parties before any work begins. The main objective of this agreement is to eliminate any surprises during the project, as well as making sure that the company constructing the play set is covered for any expenses or unforeseen circumstances that may arise. This agreement is for the benefit of both the installer and the customer, so that each party knows ahead of time what the other is responsible for. Again, there are no surprises and no assumptions by anyone concerned.

NOTE: I first wrote this agreement about four years ago, and since that time I have revised the document several times to cover myself for certain occurrences that arose. One doesn’t have to look farther than the fine print at the bottom of page 2 to discern that certain events over the years have caused me to add language into the agreement. Time is money, as the saying goes, and the client needs to understand that delays are costly. While some of the fine print may seem trivial, the end result of some of them can result in hours of delay. Be prepared at all times and have your client sign the agreement before commencing work.

3. Fitness Equipment Maintenance Agreement: This document was a derivative of the play set agreement and pretty much contains many of the same elements. Again, the whole idea here is to protect your company’s best interests, and to ensure that the client knows what services are going to be performed. In short, these agreements all come under the heading of the old CYA Policy.

NOTE: These forms are for your convenience and can be revised and made more specific for your markets in any way you desire. They can be condensed or created with additional details depending on the services to be performed, however, it is advisable to keep them as concise as possible, limited to no more than 2 pages. Sample agrrements are available upon request.

4. Business Plan: Every small or large business needs a business plan to be successful, grow in its size and demonstrate a high level of profitability. So what is a business plan exactly? A business plan is a living document that provides structure and guidance to any/all businesses, no matter what the industry, that can be of any length in its format, and is flexible in its content to allow for attainable objectives and goals. The business plan gives purpose for the company’s existence. This being said, writing an effective business plan can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be, once the reasons behind it are fully understood.

If you are interested in any of these forms and documents, and are currently a paid member of the United Assemblers Network, please send your requests to chris.manack@yahoo.com and I will be happy to send them to you along with brief directions and explanations on how to use the various forms. You can also use the form in the Contact section of this website to request the information you are seeking.

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