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The United Assemblers Network, LLC (herein AKA “The Network” or “UAN”) is made into or caused to act as a source for the consumer to become connected to any listed companies and/or individuals within our network of certified professional technicians. All listed companies and/or individuals will maintain their own legal business structures, and it is understood that they must follow the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures stated within these Terms and Conditions. It is further understood that any/all listed companies and/or individuals who violate the Terms and Conditions will be dropped from The Network and will be subject to certain reapplication considerations, fees and penalties.


To gain membership and a listing in the UAN Directory, the following conditions must be met:

1)      Applicant must have a strong interest in becoming a professional technician within our industry.

2)     Certified and/or registered business in the state in which they reside.

3)     Must have in their possession any/all licensing in their own state and metro area, if applicable.

4)     Carry Commercial Liability Insurance having a minimum of $2 million of coverage.

5)     Pass the UAN Certification Test (UANCT) with a passing grade of 90% or better (No individual or business entity shall be a member of the UAN and listed on The Network unless they pass the UANCT).

6)     All UAN membership fees and the CT must be paid in full.

7)     Have an active website (or have a website under construction) and email address.

8)     Dressed appropriately and demonstrate a professional demeanor at all times.

It is understood that each and every individual or business entity listed on The Network will be subject to accountability by the UAN regarding, but not limited to: updated and current commercial liability insurance and annual fees being paid on a timely basis.


It is the sole responsibility of each and every individual and business entity listed on The Network to ensure the following:

1)     Schedule his/her leads that come through the UAN or their own sources in a timely fashion.

2)     100% of all fees for services will be collected by the listed individual and business entity, and kept as their own. No fees or percentages will be kept out of these collections by the UAN, or any other UAN member.

3)     Should any complaints or issues arise from leads acquired through the UAN, it is the sole responsibility of the listed individual or business entity to resolve said complaints.


The following pricing has been established in order to be a member and have a listing with The United Assemblers Network:

Annual Fee……………………$300 (Due from October 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017).

UANCT Fee…………………..$50 (additional one time fee).

Total Membership Fee…….$350 (1st year fee, $300 fee each year thereafter).

The Annual Membership Fee includes a complete listing in the UAN Directory with certification badge, any/all business leads for your marketing area, exclusive access to the united-assemblers.com website, any/all business forms, templates, business documents, agreements, business plans, etc.

NOTES: Should a new member join the UAN sometime during a calendar year, the membership fee will be prorated through the end of that initial year. The new member will then pay the normal annual fee during October thru December for the upcoming year.

Example: XYZ Assembly joins the UAN in September 2017, the membership fee will be prorated @ $25 per month x 4 remaining months in 2017 or $100 plus the one time certification fee of $50 = $150. Then the annual fee for 2018 for $300 will be due by December 31, 2017. The goal is to keep every tech’s expiration date the same, that being December 31st of each calendar year.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The pricing listed above applies to one marketing area only, that being an 80 mile radius from the center of the member’s marketing area. Those individuals and business entities having multiple employees in various cities and states across the country outside of their respective marketing areas must pay the above fees in each of those additional areas, if they desire a complete listing in the additional areas.

Should a technician leave the network, no matter what the reason, for an extended period of time, then want to rejoin the network, certain reapplication fees may need to be paid to regain membership + any/all prorated or annual fees that would be due.

Membership fees that have been paid are final, and can not be refunded by the UAN for any reason.

Any/all membership fees may be made payable to THE UNITED ASSEMBLERS NETWORK, LLC in the form of a business check, personal check, or a money order and mailed to: Chris Manack, 873 Vista Drive, Gahanna, Ohio 43230. Effective October 1, 2017, existing members as well as new members may now charge their membership by visiting www.united-assemblers.com and pay for thier membership through the 2018 UAN Membership Payment link provided on the right-hand side of the home page under Recent Posts. Note: Pay Pal will no longer be acceptable forms of payment for membership in the UAN. Returned checks are subject to an NSF fee of $35.


It is understood that each and every individual and business entity listed on The Network price their own leads, which are obtained via the UAN or their own sources, through reasonable and fair pricing practices and structures. The UAN recognizes that it can’t require its members to adhere to a strict minimum pricing on various projects, however, The Network must insist on certain practices, policies and procedures to be followed in order to uphold the integrity of the UAN, and the membership as a whole.

1)     Pricing of all projects by any/all individuals and business entities must be structured in a customary, reasonable and acceptable range (according to industry standards) “Cutthroat” type pricing strategies, low balling of quotes and/or undermining another UAN member in ones own general vicinity to acquire a project will not be permitted.

2)     The selling of UAN generated leads by one UAN member to another UAN member is strictly prohibited. The Network encourages the sharing of leads at no cost to another person.

3)     Sharing of said leads from one member to another shall not constitute a commission to be paid from the recipient of the lead to the one sharing the lead.

NOTES: The UAN’s mission is to maintain a directory of professional business people who must conduct themselves in a reputable manner. It is expressly prohibited to cause dissension among the membership by any means including, but not limited to, unfair pricing practices as described above, or any other questionable business practices. Should any UAN member have concerns about another UAN member regarding the rules and policies herein, they are to be brought to the attention of the UAN office only for further investigation and discussion (Be it known, there are always two sides to every story).


1)     Any attempts by an individual or business entity listed on the UAN to form a national assembly company from The Network’s Directory is strictly prohibited, and such offenders will be dropped from The Network. Additonally, any UAN member who forms another assemblers group, organization and/or association which utilizes the current UAN membership list and UAN directory through any social media platform including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc., will be dropped from the UAN. These types of organizations and associations shall be viewed as direct opposition and competition to the UAN and the person(s) forming such groups shall be removed from the UAN. NOTE: Any UAN member who participates as a member in said groups shall face possible termination from the UAN.

2)     The UAN reserves the right to remove any/all listed individuals or business entities that are not in conformance with the aforementioned terms and conditions, as well as having the link to their website removed or terminated from The Network.

3)     The UAN reserves the right to change the terms and conditions herein at any given time without notice.

4)     It is strictly prohibited for any UAN member to generate an email blast to the membership for any reason without the expressed written consent of the UAN ownership. If approval is given for a member to send an email blast, the content and subject matter must be restricted to UAN related business matters only, no personal matters whatsoever.

5)     The UAN reserves the absolute right to remove any/all members if it believes that dissension among the members has been caused that adversely affects any/all members’ income or ways of doing business.

6)     Any UAN Member that is suspected or is guilty of leaking or sharing the following will be removed from the network without just cause: a) Any/all UAN confidential information, b) Posts on the closed UAN Facebook Group Page, c) Any/all UAN social media outlet information, b) Forwarding any/all official UAN emails and their attachments to any/all non-UAN entities, groups, or individuals, d) Sharing any information from UAN Conference Calls with outside sources not connected with the UAN. NOTE: Any UAN Member that is removed from the network for any/all of the aforementioned violations will be banned from the United Assemblers Network for life!

7)     The UAN reserves the right to remove any offending members if it believes that said members have violated the spirit and integrity of the UAN and for any other reason without just cause.


It is understood that having an active website is one of the requirements for being listed on the UAN. For those individuals and business entities that do not have a website, the UAN can set one up for a certain fee. It is further understood that the websites have certain requirements and limitations, which are as follows:

1)     While the UAN can’t prevent, nor fine listed members from linking to online dealers, retailers, manufacturers, or any other entities, the UAN does discourage this practice, as it tends to undermine our mission statement and goals as a network, as well as those entities utilizing our services on an exclusive basis.. The UAN asks that you gain prior approval first before linking to said entities.

2)     It is advisable that any/all individuals and business entities listed on The Network link back to the UAN Home Page by way of www.unitedassemblers.com through either text links or logos.

3)     All websites built by a source other than the UAN must have prior approval before any links between the UAN and these websites can be established.

4)     Websites may NOT contain non-family safe content including, but not limited to, gambling, hate language, bullying, race issues, nudity, porn, etc.


Members of the UAN are permitted to sign up with any directory offered by any manufacturer, online dealer or any other entity that offers a listing service. However, in order to grow a strong network of professionals, the UAN membership is advised to encourage such online entities that have directories to utilize the UAN’s directory wherever possible, so that the entire membership nationwide can benefit from these associations.

It is NOT permitted to own, operate or manage industry related blogs or another directory from a listed member’s websites. Doing so will cause removal of the listed member from The Network’s directory.


The UAN reserves the right to remove any/all listed individuals or business entities that are not in conformance with the aforementioned terms and conditions, as well as having the link to their website removed or terminated from The Network.

If a member should leave The Network, or if the member was removed from the UAN directory due to any infractions and violations of these terms and conditions, they will be required to re-apply to the United Assemblers Network and pay a reinstatement fee of $150 plus any additional applicable fees, including any prorated or annual membership fees if they wish to rejoin.

UAN Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any given time without notice.


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