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Good luck!!!



There are one hundred (100) Questions. You will need to get a passable percentage of those questions right for you to be directed to the application page to to become a certified technician. If you miss more than 10 questions, you will be directed to a page letting you know you did not pass requiring you to take the test over again. 

If you are new or having trouble passing the test. Many of our past veteran members used the book "Beyond The Instructions" to pass the test. Many of them said they may not have passed without the book.

After you pass the UANCT... you will be directed to a page where you will be able to also select the type of membership you are interested in and they are "listed and "non-listed".

If you don't pass... consider buying the book "Beyond the Instructions".

Again... this test is not to be taken lightly... it is your profession and all of our reputations, so let's prove it!




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